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Commerce Secretary Ross Will Divest Assets After Warning Letter From Ethics Watchdog

13.07.2018 12:08

Photo: www.timminstoday.com
Photo: www.timminstoday.com

United States Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross released a Thursday evening statement which said he would be selling all of his equity holdings and buying Treasury securities with any proceeds after the U.S. Office of Government Ethics sent him a letter which said those investments "run afoul of the primary conflict of interest law," according to CNBC. David J. Apol, the OGE's acting director and general counsel, warned Ross, "as a high level public official, you have an affirmative duty to protect the public trust and serve as a model of ethical behavior. "This duty includes exercising the care necessary to fully and timely comply with your ethics commitments, and be accurate in statements to...

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