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These might be the 2018 iPhone screen specs, and the Apple App Store turns 10

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The top iPhone headlines this week.


'Monster Energy Supercross' releases on iOS

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The 'Monster Energy Supercross' mobile game is now available via the Apple App Store for iOS devices.


Telegram and Telegram X are back in the Apple App Store

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Apple had temporarily pulled the encrypted messaging apps because of inappropriate content. They've returned.


Telegram apps return to the Apple App Store

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UPDATED: Secure messaging apps are now back in the iOS app store.


Telegram apps removed from Apple App Store

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Secure messaging apps' CEO says the software will return once 'protections' are in place.


The tactical-RPG Tactical Monsters is out now on the App and MAC store

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Camex Games announced today that their highly anticipated tactical-RPG, Tactical Monsters, is now available on iOS via the Apple App Store and on MAC OS via the Mac App Store.


Apple App Store harvested your cash on New Year's Day

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App Store took in a record $300 million on New Year's Day, Apple says.


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