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ZTE can once again do business with American companies

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The United States has officially lifted its crippling export ban on Chinese company ZTE, easing one point of contention with Beijing amid an otherwise escalating trade fight.


China 'shocked' by US actions in trade dispute

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Beijing describes Washington's latest tariff threat on $200bn of imports as "totally unacceptable".


The World Cup Final’s Unconventional Start Time

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Kickoff between France and Croatia happens in Europe’s late afternoon and the United States’ morning, but is at a manageable 11 p.m. in Beijing.


[Agenda] Trump, trade, and Brexit in EU headlines This WEEK

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Donald Trump's meeting with Vladimir Putin, global trade, and Brexit will dominate the EU agenda this week, as well as a major EU-China summit in Beijing.


EU and China edge closer in Trump's 'America First' world

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Top EU and Chinese officials meet next week in Beijing as unilateral US measures push the two sides closer together despite major disputes between the trading giants.

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Cash Flows: Beijing Opens the Taps With Rail Projects and More Lending

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China is accelerating efforts to prop up economic growth, clearing the way for infrastructure projects and boosting bank lending, as domestic demand fades and the trade fight with the U.S. escalates.


Tesla, BMW bypass Trump trade war, score win for China

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Less than a week into President Trump's trade war with China, global automakers have shown there are ways to bypass the battle -- and scoring a win for Beijing in the process.


Chinese hotel denies raising rates for Americans amid trade war

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A hotel in the southern Chinese city of Shenzhen on Friday denied a report that it would charge U.S. guests an extra 25 percent amid an escalating trade war between Washington and Beijing.


Chinese hotel bumps up rates for Americans by 25 percent amid trade war: Global Times

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A hotel in the Chinese city of Shenzhen plans to charge its U.S. guests an extra 25 percent amid a trade war between Beijing and Washington, according to the Global Times, a tabloid published by the ruling Communist Party's People's Daily.


Beijing urges U.S. firms in China to lobby Washington over trade war

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China on Thursday said foreign firms operating in China would suffer in a trade war, urging U.S. companies to lobby their government to protect their interests, and said no talks to end the impasse were currently under way.


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