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On Washington: Should Democrats Have Saved Their Filibuster for the New Court Fight?

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By forcing a showdown last year, Democrats gave Republicans an opening to end the filibuster of Supreme Court nominees. Some wish they had it back.


Mueller probe indicts 12 Russian intelligence officers in DNC hacking

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The Justice Department has indicted 12 Russian military officers for tampering with the 2016 U.S. election. The indictment alleges the Russian agents hacked into the Hillary Clinton presidential campaign and the Democratic Party and then released tens of thousands of stolen emails. Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein announced the charges less than 72 hours before Mr. Trump's high-stakes summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin. The White House did not issue any condemnation of the attack. Errol Barnett reports.

Beto O’Rourke’s risky gamble on health care

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Republican Ted Cruz won his Texas Senate seat by campaigning on health care in 2012. Democrat O’Rourke is hoping to beat him at his own game.


Never Trumpers Will Want to Read This History Lesson

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In the 1850s, disaffected Democrats made the wrenching choice to leave their party to save American democracy. Here’s what happened.


How the Russians hacked the Hillary Clinton campaign and passed its emails to WikiLeaks

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July 14, 2018 1:36 PM
WASHINGTON (WASHINGTON POST) - On a late July day in 2016, Donald Trump, the GOP nominee for president, stood at a lectern in Florida, next to an American flag, and urged a US adversary to become involved in the election campaign and find tens of thousands of emails wiped from the server of his Democratic opponent, Hillary Clinton.

Indictment ties Russian government to election hacking

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WASHINGTON (AP) — Twelve Russian military intelligence officers hacked into the Clinton presidential campaign and the Democratic Party and released tens of thousands of private communications in a sweeping conspiracy by the Kremlin to meddle in the 2016 U.S. election, according to an indictment announced days before President Donald Trump’s summit with Russian President Vladimir [...]

Mueller Indicts 12 Russians in Hack of DNC, Clinton Team

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Twelve Russian intelligence officers have been indicted by special counsel Robert Mueller’s probe for hacking into the Democratic National Committee and the Hillary Clinton presidential campaign.


6 questions about the indictment of 12 Russians for hacking

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One thing is very clear from Friday's indictment of 12 Russian spies: The Justice Department believes the Russian government hacked Democrats' emails during the election to try to hurt Hillary Clinton's chances of winning.
But the indictment left some tantalizing questions unanswered about who...

Tennessee's Bredesen undecided on Schumer for leader

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Former Tennessee governor Phil Bredesen, who’s seeking his state’s open U.S. Senate seat this year, said in an interview that he could support someone other than Senate Democratic leader Charles E. Schumer (N.Y.) for that job. “I have no commitments or anything there; I will look at whoever is considering running and so on and […]


Mueller indictment sheds new light on Russia’s ‘nasty’ secret election hacking units

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The Russia special counsel described in rich new detail how Russian military intelligence officials infiltrated Democratic servers with fearsome skill.


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