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UK police search for paraglider who flew over Trump resort

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LONDON (AP) — Scottish police say they are trying to trace a paraglider who flew a Greenpeace protest banner over the golf resort that President Donald Trump is staying at. Detective Inspector Stephen McCulloch said the protester breached a no-fly zone over Turnberry hotel and committed a criminal offence. Greenpeace said the glider carried a [...]


Greenpeace drone, toy plane crash into French nuclear plant

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Greenpeace activists say they have crashed two remote-controlled aircraft — a drone and a tiny radio-controlled plane — into a French nuclear plant to highlight the lack of security around the facility.
The drone, which was decorated like a miniature Superman, slammed into the tower in Bugey, 30...


Activist drone in Superman garb hits French nuclear plant

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Greenpeace activists say they have crashed a drone into a French nuclear plant to highlight the lack of security around the facility.


Plastic waste in Antarctica reveals increasing global pollution: Greenpeace

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Plastic waste and toxic chemicals found in remote parts of the Antarctic this year add to evidence that pollution is spreading to the ends of the Earth, environmental group Greenpeace said on Thursday.


Antarctic sanctuary: The Weddell Sea quest

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We join Greenpeace on their Antarctica expedition as they fight for the creation of the world's largest protected area.


Greenpeace: Paper giant cut forests during conservation pact

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Greenpeace has ended a five-year truce with one of the world's largest pulp and paper companies, accusing it of cutting down tropical forests in Indonesia during the entire time the two were cooperating on conservation.


[Ticker] Survey: Half of high polluting farms receive CAP subsidies

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Journalists from eight EU countries, commissioned by Greenpeace, found that 51 percent of farms emitting high levels of ammonia received a total of €104m in payments under the Common Agriculture Policy (CAP), some of them environmental subsidies. "The EU's Common Agricultural Policy is funding some of the most polluting livestock farms," Greenpeace said on Tuesday. "Taxpayers' money should not be used to reward the heaviest agricultural polluters," it added.


Greenpeace protesters build massive pipeline around London's Canadian High Commission

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Protesters have blocked off the Canada High Commission with a giant oil pipeline they built around the building with the slogan "Crudeau Oil".


EU's Top Court Rules that Poland Violated EU Laws By Logging in Ancient Bialowieza Forest

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The EU's highest court ruled on Tuesday that Poland's logging in the UNESCO-protected Białowieża forest was illegal, opening the door to potential fines reaching into the millions of euros, according to The Guardian. Activists said that at least 10,000 trees were believed to have been cut down in Białowieża, one of Europe's last primeval woodland areas, after Polish environment minister Jan Szyzko tripled the logging limits in the forest in 2016. The environmental group Greenpeace said that as many as 100,000 conifers and broad-leaved trees in the lowland forest may have been lost due to the work while Poland argues that the trees needed to be cut down in order to curb a spruce beetle...


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