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How 273,000 more children could soon be separated from their immigrant parents

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As lawmakers try to find a legislative solution to keep immigrant families together at the U.S.-Mexico border, an even bigger family separation challenge looms next year when thousands of parents with temporary residency status will face deportation and separation from their U.S.-born children....


US lawmaker caught speeding tells cop he often does so

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The Arizona state lawmaker told the cop he sometimes drives "130, 140, 120" miles per hour to get home.


Acrimony, insults and a Congress endlessly split over Trump

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WASHINGTON (AP) — The long-awaited questioning of the FBI agent at the heart of the 2016 election probe was always expected to be one for the history books. But Congress outdid itself. After 10 hours of finger-pointing, F-bomb reading and in-your-face testimony between special agent Peter Strzok and a joint panel of 70 lawmakers, the [...]


Rep. Gohmert's comments about Strzok's infidelity prompt charges of hypocrisy against GOP

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A GOP lawmaker only seems concerned about infidelity when it's not a Republican engaging in it.


Lawmaker pulled over for speeding says he sometimes drives 140 mph

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Arizona state Rep. Paul Mosley seen telling sheriff's deputy he sometimes drives as fast as 130 or 140 mph

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Arizona lawmaker apologizes after bragging about speeding to cop during traffic stop

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An Arizona lawmaker apologized Thursday after he was caught on camera bragging to a sheriff’s deputy about how fast he would drive on the road.


The Finance 202: Mnuchin is in denial about the pain Trump's tariffs are inducing

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The Treasury Secretary deflected lawmakers' questions.

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Lisa Page to be interviewed privately a day after contentious Peter Strzok hearing

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Lawmakers on Capitol Hill plan to interview FBI lawyer Lisa Page privately Friday about her role in the Russia election meddling probe. Public questioning of FBI agent Peter Strzok, who sent text messages to Page criticizing Trump during the campaign, turned into a bad-tempered spectacle Thursday. Paula Reid reports.


Growing rift among GOP lawmakers over Trump trade posture

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There are signs of growing frustration among GOP lawmakers with President Trump as he moves forward with new trade tariffs, though they're not ready to rein in the president's power.


White House orders greater access to files on FBI informant: New York Times

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The White House has ordered that a wider group of lawmakers have access to classified information about an informant the FBI used to investigate possible ties between the Trump campaign and Russia, the New York Times reported on Thursday, citing two American officials with knowledge of the decision.


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