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Five-Year-Old Fashionista Nori Texts Up A Storm At Fashion Camp Runway Show

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Little North West is apparently not giving up her cell phone to free up "air to create" like her daddy Kanye ... the five-year-old was all thumbs Friday after her...


London Woman Thinks She’s Being Robbed, Police Find Squirrel In House

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One would be quite terrified to wake up to strange noises coming from the first floor of their house. Many horrible thoughts would pop into a person’s head, most of which involve someone evil invading their private space, such as a burglar, murderer, or rapist.
A woman in North West London’s Harrow section experienced this scary scenario firsthand on the morning of Thursday, July 12, according to .
Upon hearing odd noises coming from downstairs around 9 a.m., she immediately called the police for help.
“The female caller was very distressed and called 999 [the emergency number in the United Kingdom] as she heard noises downstairs and believed she was being burgled,” said a spokesman with the Harrow Borough Police, reported GetWestLondon.
The cops quickly arrived at her house on Byron Hill Road and were very surprised when they found the noisemaker.
“Turned out the ‘suspect’ was a rogue squirrel,” revealed the Harrow Police on .


UK weather forecast: Relentless HEATWAVE continues to scorch Britain as temperature RISES

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THE HEATWAVE will still continue to bake most of the UK across the weekend with the mercury rocketing upwards of 30c, but north west Scotland and Northern Ireland will see cold and drizzly conditions, according to the Met Office.


Yellowstone volcano: What is Yellowstone Caldera? Do scientists know when it could ERUPT?

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YELLOWSTONE is a national park on a supervolcano located in Wyoming, North Western US. What is the Yellowstone Caldera? Do scientists know when it could ERUPT?


North West stars in her first ever fashion campaign for Fendi alongside Kris Jenner and Kim Kardashian

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Three generations of Kardashians star in the Italian designer's new campaign


North West Just Made Her Modeling Debut Thanks to New Fendi Campaign With Kim Kardashian

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North West is ready for her close up! While she may be five years old, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's eldest child is ready to follow mom and dad's footsteps by exploring the...


​RSPCA Animal Centres of the Future Competition

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The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) is seeking designs for a new animal center which will be located in the North West of England. The competition is looking to attract architect-led teams from across the UK whose skills in collaborative working and innovative thinking can inspire the next generation of animal centers.


Chrissy Teigen Shares Luna's Beauty Obsession and It's Adorable

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Luna Stephens is a budding beauty influencer. It's common for daughters to be mesmerized by their mothers' beauty routines (Case in point: North West's fascination with...


Greenford Tube station: Police probe as man found dead after 'fight'

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Detectives are investigating after a man was found dead outside a Tube station in north west London.


Police probe after man found dead after 'fight' at Greenford Tube station

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Detectives are investigating after a man was found dead outside a Tube station in north west London.


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