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Kentavious Caldwell-Pope Mulling Ways to Welcome LeBron to Lakers

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Kentavious Caldwell-Pope says he's thinking of ways to welcome LeBron James to the Lakers -- and says a dinner with the rest of his teammates is definitely on the table. The funny part ... Bron's been in town for about a week now and hasn't broken...

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A Former British Defense Minister Says UFOs Are Real And Narrowly Avoid Crashing Into Airplanes

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When he worked for the British Ministry of Defense, Nick Pope got to work with unidentified flying objects up close and personally, and he came to one conclusion in his line of work: UFOs are real.
In an exclusive interview for , Pope said that he not only knows for a fact that UFOs are real, part of his job involved monitoring “the Russians,” who were constructing death rays to deal with “the aliens.” He also said that they would come to Earth so often, that they would narrowly miss airplanes in the sky.
Pope, who worked for the Ministry of Defense in the 1990s, says that world leaders take “threats” of alien invasions “more seriously than they let on.”
The British government, in particular, spent more than 50 years investigating whether or not UFOs are real — and in January of this year, Pope came out of retirement to help the British government declassify information that was once, formerly, considered “top secret.”


CR7 ice-cream and pizza: Ronaldo mania is in full swing

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TURIN, Italy (AP) An ice-cream flavor in his honor, a pizza named after him, queues to buy his shirt: For some, Cristiano Ronaldo is as important as the Pope.


Destiny fans raise $50,000 in 30 minutes, forcing charity stream hosts to tattoo their butts

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Livestream hosts Pope Bear and Patrick 'Holtzmann' Casey are getting some new ink.

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Lakers Stars Bro Out at Summer League Game, Minus LeBron

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The core of the Los Angeles Lakers -- including Lonzo Ball and Kyle Kuzma -- were courtside at the Lakers Summer League game this weekend supporting the squad. Even JaVale McGee and Kentavious Caldwell-Pope were there sitting next to Luke...


Argentine pope consoles Brazil after soccer World Cup exit

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VATICAN CITY (AP) Pope Francis is trying to cheer up Brazilian soccer fans after the team's quarterfinal exit from the World Cup.


Pope Francis decries 'murderous indifference' in Mideast

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Francis convened the summit in the southern Italian city of Bari that for centuries has been a gateway to the Middle East


Pope says walls, occupation and fundamentalism hamper Mideast peace

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Pope Francis led a summit of Christian leaders on how to promote peace in the Middle East on Saturday and said building walls, occupying territories and religious fanaticism would not resolve conflict in the region.


Pope says walls, occupation, fundamentalism block Mideast peace

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Pope Francis said on Saturday that building walls, occupying territories and religious fanaticism would never bring peace to the Middle East.


At religious summit, pope decries 'murderous indifference' in Mideast

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Pope Francis led a summit of religious leaders demanding peace in the Middle East on Saturday, condemning a "murderous indifference" he said is fanning violence and sparking a an exodus of Christians.


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