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Donald Trump on Twitter asks why Barack Obama did not act on claims of Russian election meddling

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Donald Trump questioned why Barack Obama's administration did not act on allegations of Russian meddling in the U.S. 2016 presidential election.


Brett Kavanaugh: A Washington Insider Since the Day He Was Born

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The carefully crafted narrative surrounding President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee plays down his legacy as a charter member of the Beltway elite.


Trump and Putin expected to discuss nuclear arms race during upcoming meeting

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President Donald Trump seems of two minds on nuclear weapons. He muses about eliminating them but also has called for a U.S. buildup and bragged about his nuclear "button."


DRC opposition party endorses Bemba as presidential candidate

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The Movement for the Liberation of Congo has nominated Jean Pierre Bemba as their presidential candidate, adding more uncertainty to the already-tense upcoming elections.


Trump back in Scotland ahead of Putin talks

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President Trump is back in Scotland, where he's spending the weekend preparing for his Putin summit and likely playing golf


Trump, Putin to meet at 19th-century presidential palace

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HELSINKI (AP) — Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin will meet Monday at Finnish presidential palace in Helsinki that overlooks the Baltic Sea — the same venue where two of their predecessors met in 1990. Finnish President Sauli Niinisto’s office said the American and Russian leaders will hold their summit at the 19th-century Presidential Palace, located [...]


English far-right activists applaud Donald Trump in central London

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Several hundred English far-right activists applauded and cheered on Saturday when a large cut out picture of U.S. President Donald Trump was unveiled during a march through central London.


Norway renews NATO spending pledge as Trump's defense chief visits

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Norway, described by U.S. President Donald Trump as NATO's "eyes and ears" in the north, recommitted itself to lifting its defense spending to meet NATO targets during talks on Saturday with Trump's defense secretary.


Donald Trump protest Thousands march in Edinburgh as president relaxes on golf course in Turnberry

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Follow our live blog for the latest updates on Mr Trump's visit to the UK here


Trump responds to Russian hacking indictment by blaming Obama

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President Trump has not yet publicly condemned the hacking allegedly committed by Russian intelligence officials


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