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Anti-whalers say Icelandic hunters killed protected blue whale

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The whalers said the whale was a cross between a fin and a blue whale, but experts have said the pictures show a juvenile blue whale.

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Whale killing: Iceland accused of slaughtering rare whale

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Campaigners say that what appears to be a rare blue whale has been killed by Icelandic whalers.

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'Virtual reality cured my fear of heights'

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How Fay Nugent beat her phobia by riding Wilber the Whale through a 10-storey tower block.

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Ancient bones reveal forgotten history of whales

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Old whale bones suggest the origins of whale hunting may go back to the days of the Roman Empire.

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Ancient bones reveal 2 whale species lost from the Mediterranean Sea

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Two thousand years ago the Mediterranean Sea was a haven for two species of whale which have since virtually disappeared from the North Atlantic, a new study analyzing ancient bones suggests. The discovery of the whale bones in the ruins of a Roman fish processing factory located at the strait of Gibraltar also hints at the possibility that the Romans may have hunted the whales.


Pliny the Elder Wasn't Crazy After All. There Were Whales in the Mediterranean.

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A new archaeological finding suggests Pliny the Elder knew exactly what he was talking about.


Were the Romans the first whale hunters?

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Whale bones unearthed at Roman ruins suggest whales were present around the shores of the Roman Empire.

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Ancient Romans may have killed off whale species in the Mediterranean

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Two whales species absent from the Mediterranean today were common there 2,000 years ago - did Roman whalers kick-start their demise?


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